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Rp. 50.000 /6 jam
IFOOTAGE WILDCAT Steadicam Stabilizer


“WildCat” is a Mini Stabilizer which made for Photography Hobbyist and Professional, It’s with new structure, choice materials and easy to take, make sure of better stability and longer time for hand held. It is the real carryon stabilizer.


  • Allow to adjust the front,back, left and right balance. After connect camera and quick release plate, according to the weight of the camera,lacation the blanece immediately.To avoid a repeat operation,Record the mark after finish adjustment.
  • The inspiration of the carbon fiber handle comes from body mechanics.Not only can adjust the direction,But can get more extension fuction with the matched accessories.The covered foam rubber, makes the handle more soft and flexible.also with the fuctions of sound absorption and heat insulation. Here have to mention is 5 pcs axises which imported from Japan. make sure of all the direction run smoothly.
  • The precise mark on the tube.With the memory mark, make the further installation fast and accurate.Be more stable and safe,With the convenientbutton locking system.
  • The design of 3 groups counter weight for the base, enhance the stability and balance, also can used as the 3-legs.
  • WildCat”Standard counterweight includes 3 group: 148g, 47g,35g. Choose the counter weight according to your camera. ( The counter weight is provided with the WildCat, also you can buy more). 6.Adopt the unique iFootage 3-legs fast locking system During the use, we only need to open or close the 3-legs then, twist the locking button, fast lock the 3-legs. 


  • Size:66mm*60mm*270mm
  • Material:Carbon fiber/ stainless steel
  • Left and Right:40mm
  • Frint and Back:75mm+75mm
  • Self-weight:408g( Without Counterweight)
  • Camera Weight:450g-2000g
  • Counterwight A:148g Counterwight B:47g Counterwight C:35g 

    Package Include:

  • Bag ×1
  • Stabilizer Main Section ×1
  • Counterweight A ×3
  • Counterweight B ×3
  • Counterweight C ×3
  • Quick Release ×1
  • User Manual ×1
  • Warranty Card ×1
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